Verify AJAX upsell

Hello, thank you for your patience!
We have implemented the related products section under this small task to your Debut – HC – 25 Sep ’18 duplicate theme, and you can verify it from here and here
If you have any issues with the preview link above, you can view the changes by navigating to your Online store > Themes > Debut – HC – 25 Sep ’18 > Click Actions > Click Preview

The related products are based on a tag implementation where every product is tagged with the collection handle of its accessories.

Then you need to tag the product with his corresponding collection handle, as seen from here and here and you should always use the following format: rel_COLLECTIONHANDLE.

We will then use this section that will appear in your popup.
Please verify the changes and if everything is to your liking, kindly mark this task as completed. Alternatively, let us know if you would like us to publish live the modified theme on your behalf.
Thank you!Best regards

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