Hi Matt, thank you for your patience.

The requested modifications have been made to a duplicate theme in your store ( Impulse – HC – 11 Apr ’19). We added a solution based on metafields for you to match the products from the same material and showing them below the main image as requested. Please log in to your website and click here. This will open a preview link of the unpublished theme I’ve worked on and you will be able to see the result.

  1. To add the “also available as” product to a product you should:
  2. Add shopifyFD to your Chrome browser,
  3. Go to the product admin page,
  4. Click the shopifyFD icon on the right corner of your browser,
  5. After the shopifyFD is loaded,
  6. Add a new metafields,
  7. Set the namespace to related,
  8. Set the key to products,
  9. Add the product handles as values separated by the comma,
  10. Click Save below the metafields.

Click here to preview a video explaining each of the steps above. 

If everything is to your satisfaction, I can publish the theme at your discretion.

Best regards,

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