Color swatch reply

Hi Matt, thank you for your collaboration.

To add upload images that represents custom colors, you’ll need to create small png files titled as handleized version of the color name and upload them in the Settings > Files folder. (see the attached screenshot)

1. Images should be 50 by 50 pixels approximately

2. Handleized version – small caps, dashes instead of spaces and without extra characters (&, $, #, etc). Here are some examples, left is the color option title, and right is the image title with the format.

– Dark blue –> dark-blue.png

– Red –> red.png

– Tie & dye –> tie-dye.png

I’ve already created a tie-dye.png image for the product from your screenshot, however, feel free to remove it and upload a different image, as I’ve created it just for demonstration purposes.

Best regards,

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